"The best way, to fully be able to understand a different culture is to immerse yourself in one - then it will come alive for you like it never could with reading a book or learning a skill outside of the context - and that is what we would like to invite you to experience with us!"


We offer you a very unique Wilderness Living Experience. We give you the opportuity to be immersed in Nature for a whole Moon (month) without interruption, and you will get a taste of how it feels and what it takes to live in a Clan within the natural rhytms of existance. 

We are not Natives, and we are not promising an Aboriginal experience as such, we are simply a BRIDGE over the gap between the Modern and the Old Ways. Making the Old Ways more understandable, through trying it out.

What we are, is a group of different people, from different countries, passionate about different aspects of Wilderness- and Clan-living, healing and primitive skills, as is the way of humans in the Natural world. We also have a passion in that we love to share with others our skills and ways to get back to balance and to our unique selves, through living it. Since what we provide you with is a Clan-experience, our intention is to have at least 3 guides (since it takes at least three to form a circle) living with you during the whole time you are out in the Wild. We all have years of experience in our different fields of interest but the one common denominator among all the guides is that we all have spent at least one turn of the seasons living Outdoors at the Teaching Drum Outdoor School, completing the yearlong Wilderness Guide Program.

Since what we offer is NOT A WORKSHOP but a living experience, it will be up to YOU and your own motivation and passions how much and what you will gain during the Moon in terms of the social and practical skills that we will practise. You will learn through observations, imitations and your own experience. Every Moon is different depending upon the season, the people and the interest of the group.

Surviving and thriving in Nature requires that you know what the land can provide for you and when, in terms of for ex food, shelter, warmth and clothing but it also requires that you know how to take care of what you get from the land so it can serve you as it's meant to. These are some examples of the practical skills that we can offer: firemaking by friction, butchering, hidetanning and making buckskin clothes, shelterbuilding,gathering wild edibles & fishing, primitive cooking, different crafts like basketmaking and pottery.

What is even more important to survive and thrive out in the Nature, as a Hunter-Gatherer, is that we function socially as a circle because you simply wouldn’t survive on your own. Conflicts and struggles arise and we need to have the skills of how to get back to balance. In the Old Ways, this would be embedded in the culture and taught from Childhood but for us growing up in the Modern Culture, it is something we need to practise if we want to learn it. Tools that we are using, for getting to a place where we can relate to each other and nature with honour and respect, are for example communication skills – maybe even more important is the skill of how to listen and acknowledge, getting down to core feelings by owning and expressing them, inner child work, talking circles, circle-consciousness, awareness excercises, co-parenting and creating a Children’s culture, when we are honoured to have Children joining us!

Children and Families are especially welcome to all of our courses and programs since they contribute to the fullness of life. Sharing parenting makes it a lot easier to be a parent as well as children, because of the challenges they bring, are great opportunitites for ALL adults involved to grow and mature!

No prior Outdoors experience or skills training is needed for any of our courses. We will provide you with all you need to know! Our only suggestion is that you come without expectations, as an empty bowl, since it is hard to be able to fully experience new values and ways of doing things if you already come with preconceptions from what you have read, learned, and believed about the Old Ways!

Read our extended Flyer for detailed information


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