The Wild Week is a one week wilderness experience. It is a great way to get to know the wilderness living and the lifeway of a hunter-gatherer clan. You will be immersed in a clan-living situation for a whole week and get to know the basic skills that are needed to live close to the earth. Especially for people who are not able to do the wild moon it is an opportunity to have a shorter wilderness immersion experience.

What you will experience in this week is determined by the season and by the group you are living with. In the summer it could be picking berries, exploring the area by canoe, building a primitive shelter or how we can communaly be a supportive circle for our children.

In the winter it could be tracking animals around camp, going on tracking adventures, building snow lodges, learning dream work or how to stay clean in the cold white season.


Contrary to a workshop this is a wilderness experience in which the group, the surrounding nature and the flow of life are shaping the curriculum.

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Dates 2016:

  • Wild Week in the shadow tracking Wild Moon dates will be published soon

Price: 350€

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