First of all: We are grateful for the people who have been engaged in the Wild Moon organization so far. Since the Wild Moon was found, a changing team of passionate people held the Wild Moon experiences and put their energy into all the things, needs and tasks that went along with it. Each person is part of the path that led the Wild Moon to what it is now.
All the people in our current team have longterm wilderness experience and different gifts they bring in. Different Wild Moon formates will be supported by different people from the Wild Moon circle.

I am called FenTeam Foto Fenjaja and part of the Wild Moon team since 2014. I love spending time in nature. Besides watching wild animals, tracking and experiencing wild and simple clan living, I’m especially excited about taking explorationwalks by following my intuition and curiosity. I’ve got a big drive to learn about nature and natural relations, inner processes and myself and cherish nature as a mirror of ourselves. In 2013/14 I was immersed in the nomadic Guardian Wilderness Guide Program at Teaching Drum Outdoor School. During that time, a deep feeling of unconditionally being home in nature settled inside, which became one of the biggest gifts for my life. In addition to my bachelor’s degree in environmental education, I completed a wilderness pedagogy qualification in 2012 and have been working in various related contexts since. I’m currently continuing my education in holistic coaching for self-awareness. The Wild Moons are a heartfelt project because pretty much all my passions and what really matters to me come together in these immersions. I am happy about the opportunity to share this experience with anyone who feels called or drawn to join a Wild Moon!

I got the name ShLilithkode'e during my one year wilderness immersion in the US, it means "fire of the heart". As long as I can remember I was amazed of this beautiful treasure inside everyone’s heart. My way through the world and deep self-discovery was always dedicated to the living flame, to feel myself and spread the sparkles. Gratefully I want to step into supporting humans on their way to their roots and hearts. Nature has my honest respect for her trusting being and beauty – she is my beloved guide and companion. I enjoy a lot the small things and I love to smell, watch the sky and sing and dance with the wind. All kinds of natural handicraft have my adorable admiration and I’m getting eager experimenting with them. Walking around through the woods following my intuition and discovering miracles is one of my favourite games! My life’s vision is creating a new culture, remembering our inner wisdom of living in peace and connectivity with all beings. The wildmoon 2020 will be the first one for me and I’m excited and happy to share this adventure with you! Beside I’m part of the World Challenge Survivor trips offered to young people in Sweden and I have a small business selling my (mostly) traditional handicraft ( and

AnitGernot (Anit – „Fish Spear“) My „Wild Path“ probably started in my childhood, born in a homesteading-family-clan in Austria, rambling and sneaking around in the woods and on the meadows with childhood friends. My Educational-Evolution seems to run reversed, from a mechatronic education to various traditional handcrafts into agriculture and forestry I finally graduated as stone-age-man, wildnerness- pedagogue and archaeo-technician. Since then I’m weaving a web of cooperation to several wilderness schools and projects in Europe. To try-out my learned and experienced wilderness-skills I joined the Wilderness Guide Program at the Teaching Drum Outdoor School. I love to immerse into wilderness and to share experiences that’s why I started guiding Wild Moons in 2013. Besides guiding Wild Moons I’m giving tanning and wilderness classes, mainly in Austria, I work as Arborist and as Caretaker for an Austrian nature-protection-organization (Naturschutzbund). With all those Engagements I combine my passion for rewilding. Rewilding the domesticated nature and rewilding our human nature. The Wild Moons allow me and the participating people to immerse in this human-rewilding process in a pretty wild nature.

Wildniskochen II 83I am called Fridolin Baumgartinger. I see the beauty in nature and all beings being one cycle, it makes my heart open. I am thankful for all the gifts that nature provides for us, I especially love to turn these into primitive handcrafts like buckskin clothes, potteries and everything I need to be outside. From 2009-2011 I worked in a forest kindergarten, where I discovered secrets of nature together with the kids. This time brought me into the wilderness scene, I completed a wilderness pedagogy qualification (2010) and lived for one year with families in the woods of Wisconsin at Teaching Drum Outdoor School (2012-2013). During that year, we learned a diversity of communication skills and how this is connected to community living. I integrate this into my daily life and in my work in the Wild Moon. I also learned how my body and soul are connected and one with the earth that gives me all I need for my life. Since the Yearlong I combine my ten-year skilled cook experience with wilderness cocking on the fire. Since 2014 I work self-employed as a Wilderness Guide, since 2017 I lead a wilderness pedagogy training. I love to learn new things from nature, and I join different programs and individual trainings to broad my understanding of the cycles of earth. I am thankful for all the wisdom and knowledge that I receive and I’m happy to pass it on to others.

Alex (QuAlexanderick) I am grateful that some turns of the seasons ago the path was shown to me that I was searching for so long. And although I did not recognize this path that had and still has so much impact on myself, I followed. The path that opened up consisted amongst others of different wilderness experiences e.g. several Wild Moon Europe experiences, the Family yearlong as well as the guardian training at the Teaching Drum Outdoor School. With time it felt that I came closer to myself, to who I really am, what gifts I carry and what vision I want to bring to life. Since then trust is evolving, trust in the way of life, that everything is just as it is supposed to be.
My wish is to provide a space for people to experience their inner and the surrounding nature, to grow and blossom. To be strong, to speak the personal truth and go into processes that need to be gone through. A space to open up and learn from all our teachers who are everywhere around us.