Rising Wild Moon 2020

NO FREE PLACES AVAILABLE ANYMORE (if you want to be updated on upcoming wildmoons send us a note)

Date and Place:

Sweden (close to Järna) 05.07.2020 - 03.08.2020

The Moon is continuosly rising in constant cycles. After the Wild Moon paused for many Cycles we are very happy to announce, that in summer 2020 the Wild Moon Europe will rise again.

The Wild Moon Europe is a unique, monthlong wildnerness immersion. For a whole mooncycle we leave behind our civilized life and dive into living the Old Way - the way our ancestors have lived for a long time. By living the way human are intrinsically designed to be, we will experience interconnectedness in nature and our role in it. Living outdoors in a clan will create the essential necessity for us to work on hard and soft skills like simplicity, clan-living, orientation, communication, truthspeaking, native diet, foraging & gathering, animal processing, building shelters, firemaking, basketry or hidetanning.
Based on our own experience we are happy to be there to support you on your Wild Moon journey.

We are inviting you with all your personal gifts and your unique being to contribute to our adventure.